The sawing or measuring funnel

» Saws Judge:
Until the end of the 1960s, the profession of the sawmill was an independent apprenticeship, Which was to be learned in an apprenticeship of three years of apprenticeship. Today, this profession is no longer a teaching profession. A modern kind of this profession is called part-firing, which has not much to do with the art of sawing.

» Specification:
Since companies have mostly specialized in a variant of production, Is produced in a company of circular saws and in other companies one produces countersinks and other types of saws.

» Knife Judge:
Among the knives, there is also a range of directional possibilities, Since the range of different knives is enormous and many companies have specialized in one variety. For the different types of knives different types are required to set these knives, To ensure their design and stability.

» IHK:
It is probably thanks to the Chamber of Industry and Commerce that the profession of the saw and knife judge is now threatened. By merging into the part-fitter, no "judges" were trained and the firms were forced to, Internally to teach their saws or cutters.

In the 1990s, the lack of sawmills was recognized for the first time and the IHK, together with the Labor offices in the Bergisches Land are trying to train young "Safenrichter". I was also one of those trainees who had successfully completed the first course. Of initially over 30 pupils, only 13 men had managed to learn this physically difficult occupation. In the three practices that were part of this training, I was lucky, To learn in three different companies and have thus also directed almost all types of saws and knives.

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