» Overview:
Before it can come to a seminar in your company, I have to look at your company, of course. It depends only on your judiciary. I have to see how this department works and which ones Opportunities your judges have available. Of course, I also advise you how to optimize a judicial establishment. Even when it often goes out loud when judging, a judiciary needs rest when judging.

Of course, also the transport routes play an important role, as well as the storage of the material. The right light must not be lacking in a good judiciary. Daylight is an important factor in straightening.

» Conditions:
What do you want from me??
Do you want to introduce a new product, or do you want to direct your products now, as it is, To have it made by a foreign company? Does your judges lack technical understanding, or do you just want to prepare them for new possibilities?

In a non - committal conversation, I will be able to show you the possibilities that you can offer in your judiciary How to optimize the straightening. If I know your product (s), I can show you how to do it efficiently And how much time you need to straighten for a product. Unfortunately, you can not do various operations Because some products are differently complicated and often react differently than expected.

You depend on the quality of the product, I show your judges how they can achieve a great product with good work, What your grinders will thank you. The better a product was directed in the black state, the less so Material has to be removed during grinding and in the bare state the judges have the less work with the product, Which of course also brings a time saving.

» What I offer you:
With my many years of experience as a sawing and measuring machine, I can help your company in many ways. Every now and then one becomes blind, and only as an outsider can one know how to make important components in the Production. I can get your cutting and cutting knives in theory as well as in practice on the newest Or even completely re-educate non-professional employees.

Everything we offer on this page is available in the respective divisions.

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